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Old Dover Pubs

Much of the information on these pages is taken from "By The Way", by Barry Smith (1991), with kind permission of the author.  We acknowledge the assistance of Mr. Eddie Chard of Dover, who provided many of the photographs for this section of the site.

The introduction, with the list of 16th century victualling houses and inns, are taken from "Annals of Dover", by John Bavington Jones.

Further details, where available, have been taken from "Dover, a Perambulation of the Town, Port, and Fortress", by John Bavington Jones (1907).

References to 1545 relate to a census of that year.  Known as "Subsidy Rolls", these were a kind of Medieval Poll Tax register.

Where an entry is marked "post 1969" this indicates that it was still operating under that name in 1969 (ref: Kelly's Directory of Dover, 1969).

The pages are under development and more information will be added as time permits - please keep coming back to see what's new. (last update 17/08/2008 17:39)


16th century houses Victualling Houses and Inns in 16th century Dover
'Poor Pier' A pub crawl round the Pier District in 1900
Adam and Eve Upwall (Chapel Street)
Admiral Beach Street & Seven Star Street Formerly: Stars
Later: The Miner's Arms
The Admiral Harvey 13 Bridge Street
Albion Albion Place Later: Carpenter's Arms
Albion 57/8 East Cliff Later (Post 1983) First and Last
Albion Hawkesbury Street Demolished July 1913
Alhambra Music Hall Market Square Destroyed by fire 1863
The Alma Folkestone Road now: Renaissance
The Alma Laureston Place mentioned in 1856
The Alma Snargate Street mentioned in 1856
Almond Tree Laureston Place mentioned in 1839
American Stores 8 Last Lane Later: Who'd a' Thought It
Anchor Biggin Street mentioned in 1545
Anchor of Hope Snargate Street mentioned in 1854-5
Ancient Druid 11 Stembrook closed c.1940; demolished before 1952
The Angel Inn 54 High Street closed 3rd May 1969; demolished 1981
Angel Inn mentioned in 1545
The Angel Victualling House Upwall (Chapel Street) mentioned in 1545
The Angel Victualling House St James' Street
Angel Inn Townwall Street 19th c. Later: Granville Hotel
Anglesey Arms Priory Street Priory Street. Formerly: Royal George closed soon after 1865
Anglesey Arms York Street mentioned in 1870
Antwerp Tap Cannon Street demolished 1893
Apollonian Hall 50-51 Snargate Street demolished October 1929
Archcliffe Fort 5a Bulwark Street & Limekiln Street closed 1989; demolished
Ark Beach Street & Great Street closed c.1863
The Arlington 161 Snargate Street Formerly: Avenue Inn. closed - now restaurant
Arms of England 16th c.
Army and Navy 162 Snargate Street Later: Shah of Persia
Avenue Inn 161 Snargate Street Later: The Arlington
Barley Mow 58 Strond Street demolished April 1930
Battle of Britain West Street now: Carriers Arms
Beaconsfield Arms 3 Adrian Street closed June 1911; demolished 1937
Bear Inn mentioned in 1545
Beehive 166 Snargate Street closed some time after 1870
Bell 23 St James' Street closed 30th December 1916; demolished
Bell and Crown Commercial Quay mentioned in 1832; demolished
Bell and Lion Adrian Street Formerly:  The Great Mogul
Later: Northumberland Arms
Bird in Hand Charlton mentioned in 1842
Black Anchor mentioned in 1545
Black Bull Buckland mentioned in 1826
Black Horse Blenheim Square Formerly: Queen Victoria; closed some time after 1865
Black Horse Bridge Street closed 1915
Black Horse London Road demolished 1839
Black Pig Limekiln Street Later: Newcastle Arms
Blue Anchor Round Tower Street demolished c.1890
Blue Post Bulwark Street closed some time after 1865
Boar's Head 46-48 Eaton Road
Bonny Lass Seven Star Street mentioned in 1858
Bowling Green Tavern 41 Hartley Street closed 1937
Bowling Green House Military Road mentioned 1826-32
Brewer's Arms Limekiln Street demolished
Bricklayer's Arms 75 Snargate Street Later: Sir Garnet Wolseley
Later: Lord Roberts
Bricklayer's Arms Biggin Street mentioned in 1845
Bricklayer's Arms Buckland Bottom 19th c.
Britannia Inn 41 Townwall Street
Britannia Commercial Quay mentioned in 1866
Britannia 52 London Road (Buckland Street) Later: Volunteer
British Arms mentioned in 1870
British Lion mentioned in 1846
The British Queen 76 Biggin Street closed 12th November 1975;
demolished November 1979
British Tar 27 Tower Hamlets Street Later: Dewdrop
Broad Axe Biggin Street mentioned in 1545
Brown Jug Mount Pleasant mentioned in 1840
Brussels Inn 3 Beach Street Formerly: Hotel de Brussels; Bruxelles Inn
The Bull 168 London Road
Burlington Bars Woolcomber Street demolished 1949 following war damage and fire
Burlington Hotel Liverpool Street formerly Imperial Hotel
Burlington Inn 75 Castle Street & 6 Church Street closed around 1939
Butcher's Arms Market Square Later: Duchess of Kent
Cambridge Arms Adrian Street closed 1870
Canterbury Bell 59 Tower Hamlets Street closed 28th December 1908
Captain Webb 163 Folkestone Road demolished 2007
Carpenter's Arms Peter Street closed some time after 1877
Carpenter's Arms Queen Street Previously: Albion; Later: Cause is Altered
Carriers Arms 12 West Street formerly: Battle of Britain
Castle Inn Dolphin Lane & Russell Street Formerly: White Hart
Cat and Mutton Spring Lane mentioned in 1760
The Cause is Altered 13 Queen Street closed 22nd March 1969; demolished 1973
Chance Adrian Street closed some time after 1882
Chandos 38 Town Wall Street Formerly: Liverpool Arms; closed October 1940
Chequers mentioned in 1805
Cherry Tree Inn 92 London Road now: Kingfisher
Cinque Ports Arms 9 Clarence Place
Cinque Ports Volunteer Snargate Street Formerly: Volunteer Hotel; closed 1869
City of Antwerp Hotel Market Square demolished 1893
City of Charlton Charlton Green Formerly: Maxton Arms
last mentioned in 1856
City of Edinburgh St James' Street now: White Horse
City of London Hotel 38 Council House Street & Round Tower Street Later: Hotel de Londres
demolished 1885
City of London Tap Round Tower Street closed some time after 1861
Clarence Hotel 39 Council House Street closed in 1911
Clarence Hotel Liverpool Street later Imperial Hotel
Clarendon Hotel 47 Snargate Street closed September 1940; demolished 1950
Coach and Horses 1 Tower Hamlets Street closed 1913
Coach and Horses Clarence Place now: Cinque Ports Arms
Cock Inn Strond Street demolished 1835
Cock Victualling House Biggin Street mentioned in 1545
Comet 26 Priory Road (Priory Place) closed in 1907
Cooper's Arms Paradise Street mentioned in 1662
Cooper's Arms Paradise Street / Strond Street mentioned in 1856/7
Corn Sheaf Victualling House Chapel Street (Upwall) mentioned in 1545
Cricketers Hotel Crabble Avenue
Crispin Adrian Street mentioned in 1869
Criterion 8 Last Lane (Bourman's Lane) Formerly: American Stores; Who'd A' Thought It; Oxford Music Hall; poss: The Lass
closed 25th October 1968; demolished
Cross Keys (Quays) Custom House Quay closed some time after 1859
Crown 29 London Road closed 30th December 1916
Crown 1 Military Road closed 16th April 1962
Crown St. James' Street closed 1870
Crown and Anchor Booth Strond Street mentioned in 1850s
Crown and Anchor Tavern Round Tower Street mentioned in 1826
Crown and Quay (Key) Upwall (Chapel Street) mentioned in 1545
Crown & Sceptre 25 Elms Vale Road
Crown Victualling House Biggin Street mentioned in 1545
Crusader 29 Council House Street Formerly: Prince of Wales; closed 1895
Crypt Tavern 10 Bench Street Formerly: George; The Vine; Shakespeare Hotel. destroyed by fire 27th March 1977
Crystal Palace mentioned in 1856
Cumberland Inn Union Street (Snargate Street over the Water) & Esplanade closed some time after 1847
Deal Cutter 10 Beach Street and Seven Star Street closed 31st December 1909
Denmark Arms London Road now: Eagle
Derby Arms Council House Street mentioned in 1858
Devonshire Arms 6 High Street closed 28th December 1908
The Dewdrop Inn 26/27 Tower Hamlets Street Formerly: British Tar
Diamond Hotel Heathfield Avenue
Dog and Gun Laureston Place destroyed by fire June 1852
Dolphin Dolphin Lane closed 1940
Dolphin Market Square Later: Walmer Castle
Donegal Arms 43 Limekiln Street Formerly: Granville Inn (Arms)
Dover Castle Hotel Union Street demolished 1844
Dover Castle Hotel 6 Clarence Place closed in 1910
Dover Castle Tap Middle Row closed in 1889?
Dover Moat Hotel Townwall Street Formerly: Holiday Inn
Dover Stage Hotel Camden Crescent & Townwall Street closed and demolished 1988
Dover Tavern 1 Bench Street on site of Guildhall Vaults
now: Flotilla & Firkin
Druid's Head 35 Townwall Street Formerly: Angel; Eight Bells
Later: Granville Hotel
Dublin Man of War Lower Road River closed c.1859
Dublin Man of War 110 Lower Road River close to site of above
Duchess of Kent 18 Market Square Formerly: Butcher's Arms
merged with Walmer Castle in 1962
now: Ellie
Duke of Cambridge 72 Snargate Street closed in 1912
Duke of Connaught 27 Oxenden Street Formerly: Pimlico Tavern
closed in 1901
Duke of Cornwall Oxenden Street closed in 1859
Duke of Cumberland Union Street demolished c.1844
Duke's Head mentioned in 1792
Duke of Wellington 201 London Road closed about 1971
Duke of York 71a Snargate Street closed in October 1906
Eagle Hotel 324 London Road & 2 Tower Hamlets Road formerly: Denmark Arms
East Cliff Hotel 28 East Cliff closed in 1986
East Kent Railway Tavern Commercial Quay closed some time after 1872
Effingham Arms 32 Townwall Street Later: Sussex Arms
Eight Bells New Street (Turn-againe Lane) Later: Ye Olde Eight Bells Lodging House
Eight Bells Townwall Street Later: The Granville Hotel
Elephant and Castle High Street closed after 1864
Elephant and Hind 18-19 Market Square Formerly: Walmer Castle and Duchess of Kent
now: Ellie
The Ellie Market Square formerly: Duchess of Kent; Walmer Castle; Elephant and Hind
Empire Palace of Varieties Market Square Market Square
see: Phoenix Tavern
Endeavour 12a Bulwark Street closed in October 1921
demolished in 1927
Engineer Inn 121 Folkestone Road (1-2 Priory Terrace) closed in 2007
Evening Star Biggin Street closed in 1842
Excavator's Arms Dieu Stone Lane or Church Place closed before 1940
Exchange Charlton mentioned in 1851
Exeter Arms Strond Street demolished in 1859
Exeter Arms 77 Limekiln Street demolished in 1924
Falcon Hotel 1 London Road demolished in 1970
Fector's Arms Charlton mentioned in 1850
Ferry Boat mentioned in 1842
First and Last 55 East Cliff formerly: Prince Alfred
Fishing Boat Fishmonger's Lane Later: Prince of Wales
Five Alls 13 Market Street closed 14th July 1968
The Flagship Snargate Street formerly York House
Fleece Snargate Street closed in 1869
Fleur de Lis 2 Council House Street closed in 1940
Flying Horse Tavern King Street Formerly: Fleur de Lis
Later: Flying Horseman; Flying Horse Hotel. closed and demolished in 1891
Folkestone Arms Biggin Street mentioned in 1847
Folkestone Cutter 18 Council House Street & Great Street closed in 1881
Forester's Arms Worthington's Lane (Worthington Street) demolished in 1895
Fountain King Street demolished in 1826
Fountain Hotel 7 King Street closed in 1913
The Fountain Inn 238 London Road formerly: Prince of Wales
now: Sportsman
Four Porters Guilford Terrace Later: Guilford Inn
last mentioned in 1832
Fox 52 St James' Street closed following war damage
demolished 1955
French Arms
Fresh Endeavour Council House Street mentioned in 1839
Friend in Need Peter Street closed in January 1988
demolished August 1988
Game Cock mentioned in 1844
Garrick's Head Inn 4 Market Square closed c.1895
The Gate Inn 79 Crabble Hill closed post 2000
General Blucher Commercial Quay mentioned 1854-7
George and Dragon Hawkesbury Street mentioned in 1847
George Hotel 92 Snargate Street closed 31st December 1909
Demolished September 1910
Globe Bulwark Street closed after 1850
Globe Commercial Quay mentioned in 1860
Globe Peter Street closed March 1958
Goat's Head Biggin Street mentioned in 1545
Golden Anchor 30 Commercial Quay (Pentside) demolished in 1930
Golden Arrow Beach Street Formerly: Terminus
closed c.1988
Golden Cross 13 St James' Street closed 7th October 1940
Golden Fleece closed in 1870
The Golden Lion 11 Priory Street & Priory Place
Goldsmith's Arms mentioned 1667
Good Intent Queen Street closed c.1885
Gothic 29 Snargate Street & Northampton Street closed 1938
demolished March 1949
Grand Hotel Wellesley Road closed due to war damage
demolished 1951
Grand Shaft Inn 23 Commercial Quay & 74 Snargate Street closed in 1896
Grand Sultan 30 Snargate Street & Northampton Street closed in 1915
Granville Arms Adrian Street closed c.1868
Granville Arms 43 & 106 Limekiln Street Formely: Donegal Arms
closed in 1967 and demolished
Granville Bars Granville Gardens bombed 1940
Granville Hotel 35 Townwall Street closed due to war damage in 1943
The Grapes 58 Maison Dieu Road now: Louis Armstrong
Grapes Inn 29 Winchelsea Street closed post 2000
Great Gun 26 Adrian Street Later: Nottingham Castle
Great Mogul Tavern 8 Adrian Street Formerly: Odd Fellows Arms
Later: The Bell and Lion
Green Dragon 16 Strond Street closed in 1938
Green Man 22 Erith Street & 45 George Street closed 11th December 1967
Greyhound Biggin Street mentioned in 1545
Greyhound 10 Union Row closed c.1936
demolished 1970s
Griffin 3 Folkestone Road demolished in early 1970s
Grocer's Arms mentioned in 1649
Grove Laureston Place closed c.1843
Guilford Arms mentioned in 1805
Guilford Hotel 36 Liverpool Street Formerly: Four Porters
closed in 1913
Guildhall Vaults 2 Bench Street Formerly: The Bull
closed in March 1942
Gun Hotel Strond Street & Custom House Quay demolished in 1903
Half Moon 7 Blucher Row closed c.1913
Hand and Sceptre 8 London Road closed February 1961
Harbour Ale Shades Snargate Street & Crosswall mentioned in 1864
Hare and Hounds Folkestone Road closed in February 2008
Harp Hotel Strond Street demolished in 1859
Harp Hotel 15 Strond Street closed in 1904
demolished in 1948
Havelock Arms 69 Tower Street closed c.1975
Helmet Biggin Street mentioned in 1545
Hen and Chickens Charlton mentioned in 1841
Hero Tavern Market Square destroyed by fire in 1863
Holiday Inn Townwall Street Later: Dover Moat House
Hope Inn 2 Great Street & 15 Council House Street closed c.1913
Hope and Anchor Blucher Row closed c.1881
Horse and Jockey New Street last mentioned in 1845
Hotel de Paris Crosswall closed in August 1950
Hovelling Boat Seven Star Street last mentioned in 1840
Hoyman Commercial Quay mentioned in 1793
Imperial Crown 48 Tower Street closed c.1989
Imperial Hotel Liverpool Street later Burlington Hotel
India Arms Beach Street mentioned in 1826
Inkerman Arms Bowling Green Lane mentioned in 1871
Invicta Inn 155 Snargate Street destroyed by fire in 1972
John of Gaunt Strond Street mentioned in 1810
Jolly Porter mentioned in 1805
Jolly Sailor   Formerly: Three Brothers
mentioned in 1814
Jolly Sailor South Pier area 1792-1838
Jolly Tar Strond Lane demolished in 1859
Kent Arms 90 Limekiln Street closed in 1913
Kent Hotel Beach Street last mentioned in 1847
King Alfred 1 Portland Place closed 31st December 1914
King Edward VII 1 Goschen Road
King Lear Old Folkestone Road closed 2007, demolished & re-developed 2008
King's Arms St James' Street mentioned in 1545
King's Arms Limekiln Street mentioned in 1844
King's Arms Snargate Street mentioned in 1854
King's Arms Union Street 1792-1838
King's Arms mentioned in 1805
King's Head Hotel 10 Clarence Place (King's Head Street & Crane Street) closed c.1932
King William 12-14 Tower Hill destroyed by a shell on 10th November 1942
King William 22 Woolcomber Street mentioned in 1843
King William IV 72 Biggin Street closed and demolished 1979
Knight's Arms Snargate Street mentioned in 1858
Lady Cockburn Princes Street mentioned in 1832
Lass 8 Last Lane (Bourman's Lane) see: Criterion
Laughing Toad Wine Bar High Street 1986-7
Laurel Tree Priory Street last mentioned in 1871
Leopoldus Tavern mentioned in 1651 & 1666
Liberty Adrian Street closed in 1938
Lighthouse Prince of Wales Pier closed in 1973
Lillypot Biggin Street mentioned in 1545
Lion Hotel Elizabeth Street (Square) closed c.1913
Lion Inn mentioned in 1545
Little Phoenix last mentioned in 1882
Little Waldershare Laureston Place demolished in 1836
Liverpool Arms 38 Townwall Street Later: Chandos
Londonderry Arms mentioned in 1858-9
London Packet 13 Commercial Quay closed in 1895
London Tavern Market Place mentioned in 1862
Lord Clyde 19 Limekiln Street closed c.1880
Lord Nelson St James' Lane & Flying Horse Lane destroyed by fire in 1872
rebuilt in 1881
Lord Raglan Biggin Street Formerly: Three Tuns
Lord Roberts 75 Snargate Street Formerly: Sir Garnet Wolseley; Lord Wolseley
closed in 1913
Lord Warden Commercial Quay mentioned in 1846-7
Lord Warden Hotel Lord Warden Square
Lord Warden Tap mentioned in 1847
Lord Wolseley 75 Snargate Street Formerly: Sir Garnet Wolseley
Later: Lord Roberts
Louis Armstrong 58 Maison Dieu Road Formerly: The Grapes
Maidenhead Inn mentioned in 1545
Mail Packet 37 Woolcomber Street closed in September 1940
Maison Dieu Arms mentioned in 1854
The Malvern Inn

Selbourne Terrace (Clarendon Road)

Man of Kent Paradise Street mentioned in 1854
Marine Arms Woolcomber Lane Later Prince Victor
Mariner's Arms 15 Commercial Quay closed in 1891
Marlborough Head South Pier closed after 1839
Marquis of Anglesey

46 York Street (Priory Lane and Back Ditch)

closed before 1930
Marquis of Lorne closed after 1872
Marquis of Waterford 1 Union Row closed in 1923
Masons Arms 24 High Street closed post 1969
Maxton Arms later City of Charlton
McCartney's Wine Bar Church Street 1982-1989
Mechanic's Arms Strond Street closed in 1911
Medway Inn Limekiln Street mentioned in 1847
Metropole Bars Cannon Street closed post 1969

49 London Road (Buckland Street)

closed in 1910
Military Arms Snargate Street closed in 1870
Miner's Arms

9 Beach Street and 37 Seven Star Street

previously Seven Stars Inn and The Admiral
closed in 1909
Mitre 77 Snargate Street, 26-27 Commercial Quay closed in 1929
Mitre 92-93 Snargate Street destroyed by enemy action in 1944
Mogul Chapel Place formerly New Mogul
closed after 2000
Morning Star New Street closed in 1843
Mulberry Tree Beach Street closed in 1843
Nag's Head Commercial Quay last mentioned in 1856
Neptune Hall Hawkesbury Street closed in 1910
Newcastle Arms Limekiln Street previously Black Pig
last mentioned in 1853
New Commercial Quay Inn

25 Commercial Quay (Pentside)

demolished in 1929
New Endeavour Inn 201 London road closed post 1969
New Inn Woolcomber Lane closed in 1875
New Inn

33 York Street (Priory Lane and Back Ditch)

closed in 1962
New Mogul Inn 5-6 Chapel Place later Mogul
post 2000
Noah's Ark Union Row mentioned in 1856
Northampton Arms Northampton Street closed after 1891
North Pole 8 Oxenden Street mentioned in 1832
North Sea Boat mentioned in 1805
Northumberland Arms 8 Adrian Street formerly Odd Fellows' Arms, Great Mogul Tavern and Bell and Lion
last mentioned in 1935
Nottingham Castle 28 Adrian Street formerly Great Gun
closed in 1907
Odd Fellows Arms 8 Adrian Street later Great Mogul
Old Commercial Quay Inn 16 Commercial Quay closed in 1906
Old Endeavour 124 London Road
Old Fountain Inn 23 Caroline Place closed in 1908
Old Post Office Inn 120 Snargate Street later Victory, Price Arthur, and Ordnance Inn
Olive Branch Worthington's Lane and Gardiner's Lane demolished by 1896
The Orange Tree 357 Folkestone Road closed c. 2005
Ordnance 120 Snargate Street formerly Old Post Office Inn, Victory and Price Arthur
Ordnance Arms

4 Queen Street and Chapel Place

closed in 1908
Oxford Music Hall

8 Last Lane (Bourman's Lane)

formerly American Stores and Who'd a' Thought It, later The Criterion
closed for demolition in 1970
Packet Boat Inn Bulwark Street mentioned in 1814
Packet Boat and London Family and Commercial Hotel Council House Street
Packet Boat Inn Strond Street last mentioned in 1863
Palace see Phoenix Tavern
Paris Hotel 91 Snargate Street closed before 1854
Paris Hotel mentioned in 1873
Paris Inn Snargate Street mentioned in 1863
Park Inn 1-2 Park Place
Paul Pry Tower Hamlets Street later Coach and Horses
Pavilion Hotel Custom House Quay demolished in 1950
Perseverance 161 Snargate Street later Avenue
Phoenix Round Tower Street see Little Phoenix
Phoenix Tavern 21 Market Square closed in 1926
Pier Inn 2 Beach Street closed in 1912
Pilot Boat mentioned in 1792
Pineapple Bunkers Hill closed in 1845
Pimlico Tavern Oxenden Street later Duke of Connaught
Plough 5 Laureston Place closed in 1892
Plough Inn 83 London Road closed post 1969
Plough Victualling. House St James's Street mentioned in 1545
Plume of Feathers Limekiln Street last mentioned in 1861
Porter Victualling House mentioned in 1545
Primrose Hall Inn 30 Combe Valley Road closed 2007 - demolished 2008
Prince Albert 83 Biggin Street
Prince Alfred 55 East Cliff closed post 1970
Prince Arthur 120 Snargate Street formerly Old Post Office, later Victory and Ordnance
Prince Louis 1/2 Chapel Lane closed post 1969
Prince of Hesse 113 Snargate Street closed in 1875
Prince Imperial Hotel Strond Street closed in 1950, demolished 1951
Prince Louis

1-2 Chapel Lane (Grubbin's Lane or Gubham's Lane)

formerly Prince Louis of Hesse
closed in 1969
Prince of Orange 8 New Street closed early 2008
Prince of Wales Fishmongers Lane (Butchery Lane) formerly The Fishing Boat
closed in 1970, demolished 1974
Prince of Wales Council House Street see Crusader
Prince of Wales George Street and Shooters Hill closed in 1963-4, demolished c.1966
Prince of Wales 238 London Road later The Fountain and The Sportsman
Prince Regent 20 Market Square demolished post 1969
Princess Alexandra Commercial Quay last mentioned in 1869
Princess Alice 33 Snargate Street mentioned in 1847
Princess Maud Hawkesbury Street amalgamated with Railway Inn in 1895
Princess Royal Market Place mentioned in 1852
Princess Royal Biggin Street mentioned in 1854
Prince Victor Woolcomber Lane formerly Marine Arms
last mentioned in 1867
Priory Hotel Priory Station Approach
Privateer mentioned in 1805
Providence Hotel

31 Council House Street

later Crusader?

15-16 Trevanion Street

closed in 1923, demolished in 1951
Queen of Bohemia 17th c.
Queen of England Ladywell 1800s
Queen's Head 18 Biggin Street demolished post 1969
Queen Victoria

Blenheim Square or Middle Row

later Black Horse
Railway Bell 120 London Road River
Railway Bell

17 Beach Street and Seven Star Street

closed in 1912
Railway Inn 6-7 Hawkesbury Street closed in 1932
Recruiting Sergeant Buckland mentioned in 1863
The Red Cow 1 Folkestone Road demolished post 1969
Red Lion Inn 54 Charlton Green
Red Lion 13 St James's Lane demolished in 1894
Red Lion 81 St. James's Street closed due to war damage in 1943, demolished in 1958
Regent Tap Market Lane later Young England
closed in 1854
Regent Tavern Market Lane see Prince Regent
Regent Wine Vaults
Return Adrian Street later Granville Arms
Rifleman Charlton Green mentioned in 1858
Rising Sun Adrian Street closed in 1854
Robin Hood Townwall Street closed during WW2, demolished in 1957
Roebuck Old Post Office Lane last mentioned in 1858
Roman Quay Stembrook
Rose Charlton
Rose & Crown 8 Clarence Place now part of Cinque Ports Arms
Rose & Crown 60 London Road closed post 1969
Rose and Shamrock
Rose Inn 24 Cannon Street closed post 1969
Round Tower Inn
Royal Arms
Royal Exchange
Royal George
Royal Hippodrome
Royal Hotel
Royal Mail Hotel
Royal Mortar
Royal Oak Inn 36 Lower Road River
Royal Oak Pier
Royal Standard
Royal William
Sailors Arms
The Salutation Inn 9 Biggin Street demolished post 1969
Saracen's Head
Scarborough Castle
Scotch House
Senior Inn
Seven Stars Inn
Shah of Persia
The Shakespeare Bars 10 Bench Street destroyed by fire post 1969
Shakespeare Hotel
Shakespeare Inn
Sheer Hulk
Ship Hotel Custom House Quay
Shipwright's Arms
Sign of Jesus
Silver Lion
Sir Colin Campbell
Sir Garnet Wolseley
Sir John Falstaff Ladywell
Sir Sidney Smith
Spotted Cow
Spread Eagle
St. Andrew's Cross
Star Church Street
Star St. James
Star and Garter
Sussex Arms
Swan Victualling House
Swan Hotel
Tailor's Shears
Terminus Beach Street Later Golden Arrow
Three Brothers
Three Colts
Three Compasses
Three Cups Inn 9 Crabble Hill
Three Doves
Three Herrings
Three Kings
Three Mackerel
Three Tuns
Tinker's Close
Tower Inn 1 West Street closed post 1969
Town Arms 38 Bridge Street demolished post 1969
Tradesman's Arms
Traveller's Rest
Trinity Pilot
Trotting Horse
True Blue
True Briton
Turnham Green Tavern
Two Brewers
Two Brothers
Two Sailors
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Union Flag
Union Hotel
United Stores
Upholsterers Arms
Victoria Hotel


Walmer Castle
Waterloo Arms
Waterman's Arms Taproom
Welcome All Nations
The Wellington Hotel 41 Biggin Street demolished post 1969
Westbury Hotel 1 Westbury Road closed post 2000
Wheelwrights' Arms The Linces closed post 1969
White Hart
White Horse
White Horse Inn St James Street
White Lion 35 Tower Street
Who'd a' Thought It
Why Not
William and Albert
Wine Lodge
Wine Shades
Wine Vaults
Woolsack Inn
York Hotel
York House Inn 115 Snargate Street
Young England
Young Prince of Wales