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Dover Castle Hotel


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The Dover Castle Hotel was at 6 Clarence Place.

The original stood at the seaward end of Union Street, (Buildings over the Wall), in 1805, Mr. Ford.

It was removed in 1844 when the tidal harbour was enlarged.  There is evidence of the furniture and fittings being auctioned in November 1839. It was sometimes described as being near the North pier head. The name associated with it from 1830 to 1838 was Tom Divers. His wife Elizabeth continued, latterly here and then at its successor in Clarence Place up to 1875.

It was sold that year to Charles Poland for 6,250 which suggests it was no mean structure. Even so, he proceeded to enlarge it by incorporating two cottages at a cost of 1,500.

Perhaps business fell away. John Balcombe of London acquired the hotel in 1906 but by 1910 he seems to regret the venture and he departed in despair.

There is no evidence of the property being occupied again before 1924, when it was converted into flats. They were struck by enemy gunfire on 28 August 1940 and if not completely destroyed then, they would certainly have been taken down by 1950.


Information on this page taken from Smith (1991)