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Cinque Ports Arms



  The Cinque Ports Arms, 9 Clarence Place, is now the only public house in the Pier District.

As an outlet of Walker, previous to 1814, the sign was "Coach and Horses".

An examination of the beams in the 1960s led to the conclusion that the property was over three hundred years old. A pair of slippers with turned up toes, as worn by the jesters of the day, was discovered in the brickwork. Further corroboration was provided in January 1982 when internal alterations brought to light a large fireplace or inglenook of the early sixteenth century. Perhaps also of interest, was the opinion of the experts at the time that the cellar may well have been part of a previous building. It certainly shows on Harbour Board maps of 1624 but it is not possible to confirm its connection with the trade that year.

The thoroughfare itself had been known as King's Head Street but by 1676 it was referred to as Crane Street or Crane Quay. The houses opposite the pub were fronted by a quay thirty five feet wide. They were taken down between 1812 and 1814. Some may have survived to 1822. It is not certain if it applied to those particular houses but, up to 1812, the leases in that area were for twenty-one years. After that, many were for for sixty-one years. Prints do exist; one may still have its place on the wall here, which show boats moored opposite the inn.

So to 1859, when the business, yard and stabling was on offer. Its 61 year lease had commenced in 1834.  Either then, or privately afterwards, Leney would have gained control.

4 a.m. opening was allowed here from 1874 and that became 3.30 two years later. Plans for structural alterations were approved in 1921.

Together with its neighbour the "Rose and Crown," this stood in the midst of a vast freight clearing area in the seventies and eighties. 1986 saw the closure of the latter and it remained empty and derelict until mid 1988 when it was repaired and refurbished and became part of the "Cinque Ports Arms". The original order for the stopping up of part of Clarence Place, Elizabeth Street and Council House Street was made in October 1968. The demolition of Beach Street and the flats in Seven Star Street, which was first formed in 1607, was carried out in 1975.