The Salutation

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The Salutation at No. 5 Biggin Street.  According to Smith (1991) it was kept by J. Bowes in 1791, but it may have existed long before that time.  With the gradual raising of the road level, the bar floor was a step down from the pavement.

It was demolished in 1983 to widen the pavement and another house of the same name was built on the corner of the new block, around 60 feet from the original building.

(Picture Courtesy of Eddie Chard)

  The pictures above and below show the "New" Salutation.

(Picture Courtesy of Eddie Chard)

Owned by Fremlins (later bought out by Whitbread), the new house survived until 6th December 1983, when it was closed and became a Pizza Hut.  It is now a building society (2008).