16th century Victualling Houses & Inns

This table is derived from information found in "Annals of Dover" by John Bavington Jones (1916)




No. of Beds


St James's Street The Plough Jasper Jure 3  
The Angel Francis Serlis 3  
The Swan Rowland Edridge 3  
The King's Arms Roger Fisher 3  
The Signe of Jesus Johanna Barber (widow) 3  
The Town Arms Richard Malbine 3  
The Black Bull John Stockham 3  
Lane next The Mayor's The Porter Alys Rockingham (widow) 3  
Uppwall The Angel George Matthew 6  
The Crown and Key Anthony Rede 6  
Adam and Eve William Price 3  
The Black Arrow
The Corn Sheaf
William Lorne 8  
Biggin Street St. Andrew's Cross Andrew Davy 3  
The Clock Thomas Jaxon 9  
The Anchor Simon Fry 2  
The Lilly Pot John Miles 8  
The Greyhound Richard Wilmington 4  
The Helmet Thomas Everedge 4  
The Broad Axe Margery Wilshire 3  
The Ship Edward Foster 4  
The Sun Richard Rogers 4  
The Crown Johanna Vaughan (widow) 8  
The Half Moon Roger Bund 3  
The Unicorn James Dowell 3  
The Goat's Head William Dawson 3  
The Tailor's Shears Cuthbert Digeson 4  
No addresses recorded The Rose Thomas Foxley 12 yes
The Maidenhead Dawson Parnell 7 yes
The Ship Hugh Brackett 6 yes
The Angel William Green 6 no
The Spread Eagle Hugh Fludd 3 yes
The Arms of England John Bowlle (Mayor) 8 yes
The Bear John Gilbert 4 yes
The Lion William Fisher 16 yes
The Woolsack Thomas Vittery 10 yes
The Senior Richard Elham 8 yes

The Lane Next the Mayor's was probably Dolphin Lane, as the Mayor was a sheep farmer and brewer.

Uppwall was the old name for Chapel Street