The Eagle


(Picture Courtesy of Eddie Chard)

(Picture Courtesy of Eddie Chard)


The Eagle stands on the corner of London Road and Tower Hamlets.  The pictures above show how the house looked in 1983.

On a commanding corner position, the original Eagle was built on the former site of the "Black Horse", shortly after 1839. It possessed a tea garden but that attraction was discontinued when it was rebuilt in 1863. Brockman served in 1843 and might well have been the first to do so.

The new house had teething troubles from the start and by 1868 the licence was suspended. It was re-named "Denmark Arms," probably to commemorate the visit to Dover of the Queen of Denmark in 1869, but the new name did little to change its fortunes. The licensees changed every year up to 1877 and by 1893 the sign was once more the "Eagle".

It was an outlet for many years of John Smith's Tadcaster Brewery but changed in 1946 to Courage (Elder).