The Prince Albert Hotel

The Prince Albert stands at the corner of Biggin Street and Priory Road. 

Possibly dating from as early as 1764, this house was renamed in 1842 to commemorate the visit to Dover by Prince Albert, the Prince Consort.

On 2nd October 1889, the bar was wrecked by an explosion in the cellar (Smith 1991).

This is the only remaining public house in this part of Biggin Street.

This section of Biggin Street used to be home to The British Queen, The King William IV and The Salutation, all demolished as part of the "improvements" to the town centre.

Further down, opposite Priory Street, was the Queen's Head, closed in September 1971 and demolished in in October 1975 along with the Salem Baptist Church to make way for a new Boots Chemist.

  The pictures below show how the Prince Albert looked in 1983

(Picture Courtesy of Eddie Chard)

  Notice that Biggin Street was still open to traffic at this time - before becoming pedestrianised.

(Picture Courtesy of Eddie Chard)

Information on this page taken from Smith (1991)