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These pages (currently over 215) contain pictures (currently around 500) and descriptions of the older parts of Dover as they exist today, including some archive photos, maps and background information on the area and how it relates to our family histories, and some brief biographies of local characters.  Some of the photos are courtesy of the Dover Public Library picture collection.  New pages are being added all the time - don't forget to keep looking!

Index to Pages

Adrian Row Adrian Row was a small row of cottages at the top of Adrian Street 11/06/07 JBJ
Albany Cottages Albany Cottages about 1936 11/06/07  
Albany Place Albany Place - then and now, with additional views of Cowgate Hill and Princes Street 11/06/07  
Barton Farm Barton Farm stood alongside the river Dour 11/06/07  
Barton Road Barton Road is the back road from Buckland to Charlton 11/06/07  
Bench Street Bench Street runs from Townwall Street to King Street 13/06/07  
Biggin Hall Once the Public Baths. (under construction) 13/06/07  
Biggin Street Originally the "main street", now a pedestrian precinct 13/07/07 JBJ
Billy Beere The well-known Dover pianist, humourist and entertainer 12/04/07  
Buckland /union Buckland and the Union Workhouse 23/01/07 JBJ
Cannon Street Victorian architecture in Dover's main street 14/06/07 JBJ
Castle Some different views 20/01/08 JBJ
Castle Street A busy thoroughfare from Market Square to Woolcomber Street 20/06/07  
Channel Tunnel A brief history of the "alternative route" across the Channel 09/03/08  
Churches Dover churches, and their environs - past and present (several pages) 25/04/08 JBJ
Cinemas Dover's Cinemas and Theatres, past and present (several pages) 23/06/08 JBJ
Commercial Quay Old Commercial Quay 01/12/06 JBJ
Coronation Coronation parties at Maxton and Elms Vale, 1953 (several pages)    
Crabble Mill Tranquil views of the Crabble corn mill 16/03/07 JBJ
Disappearing Dover A series of pages looking at how Dover has changed, and is changing (several pages) 04/01/07  
Dover and the Great War The First World War in Dover - 1914-1918 21/03/08 OBJ
East Cliff East Cliff, Athol Terrace and the Moat Bulwark 16/03/07 JBJ
Edward Parker Dispenser and Collector at the Dover Hospital and Dispensary, 1875-1902 20/01/08  
Football Maxton Junior Football Club, 1920/21    
Gordon's Boys The Gordon Boys' Orphanage in St James's Street was founded in 1885 03/08/08 JBJ
Grand Shaft The Grand Shaft and the Shaft Barracks 02/03/08 JBJ
Harbour Station The old Harbour Station in Elizabeth Street 08/02/08  
Hero of the Resistance William Sharp was born in Dover but became a naturalised Frenchman 26/03/08  
Home Guard Can you identify any faces in these pictures of the Home Guard?    
Inquest George Norton drowned in the harbour in May 1850 25/01/08  
Kearsney Abbey A favourite spot for a sunny afternoon, built by a Dover banker 16/03/07 JBJ
Maison Dieu Built as a hospital for pilgrims, now the Town Hall 15/12/06 JBJ
Maison Dieu House Naval Victualler's Office - now the Town Council offices 14/12/06 JBJ
Maritime Dover Dover and the Sea - past and present (several pages) 24/03/08 JBJ
Market Place The Market Square - then and now 08/03/08 JBJ
Maxton One of the ancient manors of Hougham 04/01/07 JBJ
Military Prison Built to house first-time civilian prisoners, Langdon was taken over by the Army 02/03/08  
Museum Dover Museum - then and now 01/10/06 JBJ
Napoleonic Defences The Western Heights were re-structured to form an underground fortress 02/03/08 JBJ
Non-P.C. Society The Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews 25/01/08  
Old Dover Etchings of Old Dover 20/06/07  
On This Day Events that happened in Dover on this day in history 21/03/08 JBJ
Pharos The Roman lighthouse on the eastern side of the bay 18/01/07 JBJ
Philip Yorke Lord Hardwicke, of Marriage Act fame, born in Snargate Street 01/02/08 JBJ
Pier District The Pier District was once a heavily populated area of the town. 22/01/08 JBJ
Pocket Pistol Queen Elizabeth's Pocket Pistol - 16th century decorated cannon in Dover Castle 24/01/07 JBJ
Poor Relief A short history of caring for the poor of Dover 16/03/07 JBJ
Pruessen The wreck of the German liner Preussen in Fan Bay    
Pub Crawl A series of pages showing Dover inns and public houses - then and now (several pages) 17/08/08 JBJ
Public Utilities Gas, Water and Electricity 09/02/08 JBJ
Rifle Brigade Memorial Erected in 1861 in memory of members of the 60th Rifles who died in the Indian Mutiny of 1857 24/03/08  
Royal Victoria Hospital Dover Hospital and Dispensary 25/04/08 JBJ
Sailors' Home The Dover Sailors' Home in Blenheim Square 13/06/07  
St James St James's Street & Old St James's Church - now includes maps and old pictures 09/02/08 JBJ
School Days Can you identify any faces in these old pictures of Dover schools? (several pages) 24/02/07 JBJ
Snargate Street From New Bridge to the Pier district - once an important business area 11/02/08 JBJ
Street Entertainment Dance in the Square with The Jive Aces 20/06/07  
Street Party Victory Street Party in Clarendon Street, 1918 (probably!)    
The River Dover's little river - the Dour, from which the town takes its name    
The White Cliffs The White Cliffs of Dover - under repair    
Tour 2006 The Tour of Britain Cycle Race passing through Dover    
Town Station The old Town Station in Beach Street and the Lord Warden Hotel 08/02/08  
Town Walls The old Town Walls and Gates 27/03/07 JBJ
Townwall Street Townwall Street - then and now    
Turnpikes Dover's Turnpike Roads and Toll Gates (2 pages) 16/12/07 JBJ
War Memorial They gave their lives in two world wars 20/06/07  
Western Heights Views Views of the town from the slopes of the Western Heights    
Woodside Sir William Crundall and Woodside 16/03/07 JBJ
Worthington's Lane Worthington's Lane (now Worthington Street) 20/06/07 JBJ

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Western Heights The preservation of Dover's Napoleonic fortifications on the Western Heights

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