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Lord Warden Hotel
Southern House, formerly the Lord Warden Hotel
The side entrance of the Lord Warden Hotel (later Southern House,  local headquarters of the Southern Railway) used to connect via a covered walkway to the Town Station.  Passengers disembarking from the packet boats on the Admiralty Pier could put up for the night before continuing their journey to London.   Similarly, passengers would stop at the hotel to await the tide, or the weather, before embarking for France.
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Dover Town Station

Dover Town Station in Beach Street was the terminus for the South Eastern Railway (SER).  The rival London, Chatham and Dover Railway (LCDR) had its terminus a few yards away at the Harbour Station in Elizabeth Street.

I can remember a few houses in Beach Street when I was young, but even these are long gone.

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Shakespeare Cliff

The station was demolished many years ago and the site has been used as a loading area for the Motorail service.  As can be seen from the pictures, no trains have been near this station for some time.  It has also been used as a lorry park and now a car park.

The Lord Warden Hotel and the two terminii became less important due to three factors: the merger of the two railway companies into the South Eastern and Chatham Railway, the building of the Marine Station and the advent of the steamship.

The final decay of this once busy part of Dover was brought about by the introduction of the roll-on, roll-off car ferry and the building of the Channel Tunnel.  The building of the Cruise Liner Terminal is an attempt to bring back some life to this end of the harbour.