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Dover Marine Station

Cruise Terminal
Golden Arrow
Pier Entrance
Under the Pier
Cruise Terminal
Dover Western Docks Cruise Liner Terminal - once the magnificent Dover Marine Station
Dover Marine Station was reached from the Admiralty Pier, via a bridge, which can be seen on the right of the picture above.

The Golden Arrow stands proudly at the platform of Dover Marine Station (later renamed Dover Western Docks) awaiting passengers from the afternoon ferry, before leaving for London at around 6.30 pm.

Golden Arrow
The Golden Arrow

This picture was taken shortly before the service was withdrawn and is looking from the middle of the train towards the engine, which is standing just beyond the end of the station canopy, in the late afternoon sunshine.

Looking resplendent in its Pullman chocolate and cream livery, the car you are looking at is "PERSEUS" (all Pullman cars were individually named).  The writing next to the arrows on the side reads "FLECHE D'OR" (French for "Golden Arrow" - the service ran from London to Paris).
Golden Arrow
The Golden Arrow

This picture was taken from the end of the platform, looking in to the station towards the sea.

Many happy evenings were spent in my youth watching this train, hauled by a huge steam locomotive with arrows on the side and front, and crossed flags on the front.  My favourite was a West Country class streamlined engine, which had the arrows along the entire length of the side panels.   On other occasions it would be hauled by the "Iron Duke", equally impressive, but less streamlined.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from these more exiting times (although there are plenty to be found in books).


View under the pier
View of the Marine Station from the pier entrance

Unfortunately, Dover Marine Station no longer exists.  The tracks have been torn up and the sidings concreted over.  The windows and doors on the pier entrance have been boarded up.  Just a small door gives occasional access to the pier for fishing during the summer season. 

Pier entrance
Admiralty Pier Entrance 1999

Safety was given as the reason for closing the pier for pleasure purposes.  The left-hand entrance gave access to the station, the right-hand entrance the pier.   Just to the right was a level crossing, leading to Shakespeare Beach.  It was by this crossing that we used to stand to watch the trains. Dover Marine Station has become a terminal for luxury liners.

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