Crabble Corn Mill


"The Crabble corn mill is probably older than the paper mill, although the present structure, being similar to the mills at Buckland, Stembrook, and St. James's Lane, was probably rebuilt, with those before named, during the wars at the beginning of the 19th century, by the aid or encouragement of the Victualling Department, to furnish supplies for the troops and the Navy.  In the year 1818 the mill was owned by Mr. Joseph Webb Pilcher, a member of the Dover Corporation, who, five years later, was Mayor of Dover.  About the year 1836 this mill became the property of the Mannerings, and is still owned by Messrs. Mannering, although their principal operations are carried out at the steam mills at Buckland.  The surroundings of Crabble corn mill are charming.  The great mill pond on the roadside, over which swans gracefully glide, and wild water-fowl disport themselves, the banks of which are gay with flowers, forms a picturesque scene over which artists linger with unceasing pleasure.  Below the mill the stream, bordered with flower beds and shrubberies, is equally pretty, opposite the residences of Major Standen and Mr. E. P. Coleman.  The gardens surrounding these residences are pleasant features, and a stately, old-time aspect is given to the locality by lines of Scotch firs, now probably of more than a century's growth, which some former owner planted round the meadows.