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Wreck of the Preussen in Fan Bay

On a stormy night in 1910, the 5-masted sailing ship "Preussen", the pride of Prussia, was bound for Valparaiso when she was involved in a collision with the Newhaven steamer "Brighton" in fog near Beachy Head.  Holed in the bow, the Preussen was taken under tow, but the tug could not make Portsmouth in the bad weather and decided to make for Dover.  En route, the ship lost both its main anchors and three tugs were unable to prevent her from being swept past the harbour entrance and onto the rocks below the South Foreland.  There was no loss of life, but the ship was stuck fast on a submerged rock and wrecked.

Much of her cargo was taken off by the tugs and other small vessels - a dozen tugs, including the Dover Harbour Board vessels, tried to save her for the salvage - and many Dover houses proudly displayed souveniers of the wreck!

These photos were taken about 20 years ago, when sections of two of her masts were still visible at low tide.  Now, nothing remains visible of this once proud ship.

The picture on the right is a close-up view showing the remains of the masts on the left and right of the picture.  As a child in the 50s and early 60s, I remember being able to see much more of the masts from the cliff-top when we used to walk from Dover to St. Margaret's Bay in the summertime
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Close-up of wreck