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These pages contain pictures and information about local churches, past and present.  Where available, historical information has been included from Bavington Jones (1907) and (1916), Puckle (1864), Welby (1976), Southey (1924), and Buckingham (1968), as well as local newspapers, etc.  Information on St Edmund's Chapel from Fr. T. E. Tanner.

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin 20/03/08 JBJ  
Christ Church Hougham in Dover 29/09/06 JBJ  
St James - old and new, with lists of Rectors, Curates and Churchwardens 28/03/08 JBJ DW
St John Mariner 02/02/08 JBJ  
St Martin le Grand 01/10/06 JBJ  
St Martin of Tours 01/10/06  
Charlton SS Peter & Paul - old and new 01/10/06 JBJ  
Buckland St Andrew 27/03/07 JBJ  
Hougham St Laurence (under construction) 01/10/06  
St Paul (RC) - a brief history of the Catholic Church in Dover 08/03/08 JBJ CB
St Mary in Castro 16/02/08 JBJ JP
St Edmund's Chapel 08/03/08   TET
Buckland Methodist Church - old and new 29/03/07 JBJ  
Maxton Tabernacle 07/03/07 JBJ  
Belgrave Methodist Chapel (under construction) 07/03/07    
Wesley Hall - Folkestone Road (under construction) 29/03/07    
Tower Hamlets Wesleyan Mission (under construction) 29/03/07    
Unitarian Church(under construction) 29/03/07    
Congregational Church - later United Reform, St Columba 29/03/07   HJS
Salvation Army (under construction) 13/06/07    
St Bartholomew (under construction) 27/03/07 JBJ  
Salem Baptist Church - a brief history of the Baptist Church in Dover 27/02/08 JBJ WH
Snargate Street Wesleyan Chapel (under construction) 02/03/08 JBJ  
River SS Peter & Paul (under construction) 26/03/07 JBJ  
St Barnabas 27/03/07 JBJ  
Dover Tabernacle (see Salem)      
Pentside Chapel (see Salem)      
Queen Street Chapel (see Salem and Congregational)      
Our Lady of Dover (RC) Buckland (see Our Lady of Pity and St Martin)      
St Martin (RC) Aycliffe (see Our Lady of Pity and St Martin)      
Our Lady of Pity and St Martin (RC) Snargate Street  (New) 08/03/08 JBJ CB
Knights Templar Church - Western Heights (New) 25/03/08