SS Peter & Paul, River

"Just below the tramway terminus is River Church, in a pretty churchyard; but it is a very plain structure, having been rebuilt in 1831.  Before the rebuilding it was described by Ireland as: 'A small structure containing a nave and a chancel, there being no steeple or anything deserving of notice.'  The rebuilding, which was on the early 19th century utilitarian lines, seems to have left it plainer still, comprised mainly of four square walls, very substantial, but utterly devoid of ornament.  It was restored in 1876 at a cost of about 700, when an aspidal chancel was added, and the high-backed pews and a west gallery, which were a disfigurement, were removed.  The musical service of this church was, in the beginning of the 19th century, assisted by the voices of the paper-makers and a pitch pipe.  Later, when Mr. Plater was vicar, a barrel organ was introduced, which was noted for the monotony of its ten tunes and the unreliability of its action.  During the time of the next vicar, the Rev. E. G. Boys, it gave place to a harmonium; and that, in the time of the Rev. C. Morice, was superseded by an organ.  This church, as well as the paper mill and mill pond adjoining, are in the borough of Dover."   (J.B.J. 1907)

At least one generation of my family were baptised here.