Wesley Hall


  Built in 1910, the Wesleyan Chapel on St Martin's Hill (Folkestone Road) was bombed in 1917 and rebuilt in 1920.  It was bombed again in 1941 and rebuilt in 1949.

"The Wesleyans, after improving their two large chapels in Snargate Street and Buckland, next took steps to provide another chapel on a more central site to meet the convenience of modern Dover, which straggles a long way up two valleys.  They secured the site at the point where the two valleys diverge at the foot of St. Martin's Hill, part of the site of the old Dover Priory.  There they built the handsome Wesley Hall for services and Sunday Schools, which was opened in November, 1910.  The Wesley Hall, which cost 3,000 to build, had the misfortune, on September 22nd, 1917, to be destroyed in a German air raid.  After the war it was re-built, and re-opened on March 3rd, 1920.  The Wesleyans also acquired the adjoining property, with the intention, later on, of building a large central Wesleyan Church.  As far back as 1880 the leading Dover Wesleyans set their minds on this locality, which had attracted religious leaders in Dover in 1131, when they were looking for a new site for the Dover Priory.(J.B.J.)

  Wesley Hall closed for worship in 1981, and was sold to Dover College.  As can be seen from the picture above, it has suffered from a lack of repairs.