Trevanion Street


"Trevanion Street is a narrow thoroughfare leading from St. James's Churchyard to the sea.  At the seaward end of the street is Trevanion House.  That is modern; but near its site, and extending over land on the cliff side northwards, was the mansion of the Hon. John Trevanion.(J.B.J. 1907)

John Trevanion was a Member of Parliament for Dover from 1774 to 1806.  He died in 1810 and was buried in St James's Churchyard.

"In 1822, part of the site of Trevanion's mansion was used by the Dover Gaslight Company, who established their first works at that spot; and one of their gasometers occupies the site still.(J.B.J. 1907)


View looking down Trevanion Street (left) and Woolcomber Street (right) from St James's Street near the Urinal.  The Burlington can be seen on the far right.  St James's Churchyard (by this time no longer in use) is on the left of the picture; the church is just behind the photographer's left shoulder.


This view is looking back along Trevanion Street towards St James's.


The pictures above and below show the rear of the properties.  Notice the lack of windows in the side and rear elevations.



In contrast, the rear of this block has plenty of windows - these are clearly higher status homes than those above.


Pictures courtesy of Ted Jones