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St Martin's School, Markland Road, 1963
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St Martin's
St. Martin's C. of E. Primary School still stands in Markland Road, in an area of Dover known as Elms Vale.

The picture above was taken in 1963, when the weather vane was presented to the school by the Old Boys' Association.

I was at this school from 1954 to 1960.

Picture courtesy of John Sergeant.

I well remember one teacher, Miss Page, who had been a young pupil teacher of about 18 when my mother was at school in the 20s, and taught me in the 50s.  She can be clearly seen in the centre of the picture in the light-coloured jacket (directly under the weather vane).

Does anyone else have memories of St. Martin's school?

St Martin's Girls
St Martin's Girls' School, Markland Road, early 1920s.

The picture above was taken in about 1923.

My mother (Eileen Sharp, 2nd from the left, back row, above), went to St. Martin's School, as did my sister and myself.

Beverley Stevens Pamela Barker John Cooper William (Bill) Beer Christopher Baker Tom Woolley Elizabeth Woolford Elizabeth Murphy Daphne Bessant Angela Beswick Pamela Barker Peter Newman Pamela Russell Susan Pay Valerie Sewell Valerie Greig Keith Lee Michael Sargent Anthony Watson David Brilliant Hazel Carrol Jaqueline Hartley Christine Hardy
St Martin's School Band, 1960

The picture above was taken in 1960, during a concert given to parents in the Church hall.  All of the pipes were hand-made and decorated by the pupils in classes 1 & 2 (year 6) from pieces of bamboo and corks, and tuned using pieces of matchstick!  They came in 3 sizes: treble, alto and tenor, and sounded similar to, but slightly richer than, a recorder.

The ones we made were played by the following year's band.  I still have mine (minus the painted flowers round the holes!) and can still get a tune out of it.

I am 2nd from the left in the front row.  We have named quite a few faces, but can you name the rest?  Move the mouse over the faces to see who they are (I hope I have got them right - it was a long time ago!).

Does anyone else have memories of St. Martin's school?

Other pictures of bands from different years can be found on the Friends Reunited website.


Does anybody recognise any faces in these pictures?  If you can put names to any of them, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Please contact bill(at)eastkent.freeuk.com with your memories (and pictures, if you have any we could use) of your schooldays in Dover.