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Charles Herbert Linnett William Henry Linnett Rose Best
Charlton Infants 1905
Belgrave Sunday School
St Martin's
The picture above shows a group of children from Charlton Infants School, Dover, in 1905.

Pictures on this page courtesy of Nicola O'Brien.

Move the mouse over the faces in the picture to see the names of the pupils that have been identified:

Charles Herbert Linnett, age 5
William Henry Linnett, age 7
Rose Best

Can you identify anyone in these pictures?  Please let us know:


Charlton Girls 1917-18

This picture, taken in the last year of the Great War, shows the girls in their day clothes - no uniforms here.  Notice the highly polished lace-up boots.  The girl seated on the ground, left, is wearing an arm band with the letters "J  P" - Junior Prefect?  The girl on the right is obviously very proud of her long flowing locks - even brought forward over her shoulder her hair is resting on her boots!  The girl 2nd from the right in the back row moved as the picture was taken.

Can you name any of these girls?

Charlton Girls 1917-18

This picture shows the girls in the school kitchen ready for a cookery class.  The girl in the middle row left seems to have moved as the picture was taken as her face is slightly blurred.

The sign on the wall to the left is headed:


The poster on the right appears to be something about Jack and the Beanstalk!