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Coronation Party 1953 - Elms Vale

Elms Vale
Elms Vale

North Deal

Phylis Simpson Bob Hollingsbee Mr Turner Wendy Chatfield Linda Simpson Linda Paramore Stella Brown Roderick Brown Graham Howard John Woolford Paul Mitchinson Janet Mitchinson Brian Sarjeant Roger Curd Godfrey Pelham Peter Chatfield Wendy Harman John Sarjeant David Burridge Roger Harman Brian Howard Charlie Burridge Harold Pelham Mrs Burridge Eileen Sarjeant Mrs Woolford Mrs Pelham,Jnr Mrs Chatfield Mrs Pelham,Snr Mr Pelham,Snr Mrs Munn David Munn Charles (Jimmy) Green Peter Huntley Laurence Huntley Ida Huntley John Huntley Julie Huntley Martin Huntley


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Picture kindly loaned by John Sarjeant
Huntley family identified by John Huntley (corrections by Laurence Huntley)


These are the names we have identified so far

  Roderick Brown
Stella Brown
Charlie Burridge
David Burridge
Mrs Burridge
Peter Chatfield
Mrs Chatfield
Wendy Chatfield
Roger Curd
Charles (Jimmy) Green
Roger Harman
Wendy Harman
Bob Hollingsbee
Brian Howard
Graham Howard
Peter Huntley
John Huntley
Ida Huntley
Martin Huntley
Julie Huntley
Paul Mitchinson
Janet Mitchinson
Mrs Munn
David Munn
Linda Paramore
Godfrey Pelham
Harold Pelham
Mrs Pelham,Jnr
Mrs Pelham,Snr
Mr Pelham,Snr
Brian Sarjeant
Eileen Sarjeant
John Sarjeant
Linda Simpson
Phylis Simpson
Mr Turner
John Woolford
Mrs Woolford