The Odeon

  The Buckland Picture House, later re-named the Regent, was built in London Road in 1920.  In 1936 the original theatre closed and was demolished to make way for the new Regent, which opened in March 1937.

Acquired by the Odeon group in 1943, it was re-named and continued as the Odeon until it closed in 1971.  The cinema was later demolished to make way for a new T.A. headquarters.


A staff group at the Odeon Cinema.  Can anyone identify these faces?



Ahoy there! The "U.S.S. Caine" toured the streets of Dover in 1954 exhorting people to come and see "The Caine Mutiny" in the comfort of the Odeon Theatre, Monday 6th September for 6 days.  "A powerful book becomes a mighty film" as  "Mutiny and typhoon hit the screen".



Receiving a medal for long service is my grandfather's brother, Albert Sharp.

Pictures courtesy of Mr. David Dixon